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Harold Mike Sizemore: Guestbook

John Barnes

October 18, 2014

Hello from a distant cousin in Texas, look me up if you're ever in the Midland/Odessa area.

Brian hudson

March 18, 2012

You been holdin out on me! I now know your talents don't just include engineering. Love the music! Can't wait to hear it live.

Bill Rodman

January 21, 2011

Fantastic work, Mike. I can definitely feel Dylan, Neil Young, the many other great influences coming through.

bob gipson

September 5, 2010

what up cuz yes one more family member saying hello heard some of your music sounds great what else would u expect from family

shawn sizemore

April 15, 2010

wat up cuz! just checkin u out. soundin' good! take care

Special Lady

December 9, 2008

Hey Harold long time no talk to... J-Bird and I aren't workin for the paper anymore, so maybe we can finally get to come see you live. we're doing small package delivery now and we're lovin' it. Really missed u on the show. are u gonna be at the truckin show? When are u gonna put out another album? Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love your music!!!!!!

your firends at the ODepot

November 6, 2008

Pull like you are mad at it

brenda denton aka mothernature

October 31, 2008

You are a talented man, we miss you on wlw. Keep up the good work.

Scott (Zilla) Ferrell

August 14, 2008

Mike, it all sounds great. Timeless, sounds as good today as it did 5 years ago when we were jammin' together.

Brian Morrison

July 9, 2008

Hey, this is Brian from WM-ISD. Truely talented, now I'm glad I endorsed your website in ISD orientation.

tammy aka nightengale

January 25, 2008

have really enjoyed your music and enjoyed listening to you on the radio. you will be missed but I want to wish you the very best in all you do!! look forward to hearing more of your music. It's great!

Mr Hoo Ha

January 16, 2008

Cool :} album

Chuck ( Roadrunner )

December 16, 2007

just stopped by to say hi and MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

Mark "gilligan" Whetstine

December 15, 2007

Hey Harold forgot to tell you about my blog! check out Brooding Cynyx. enjoyed the web site!

Jim Morris (Jim The Trucker)

December 10, 2007

Just stopping by to say hi.
You already know I listen to Steve and you every night that I am on the road. Bought your album and uploaded to my computer and converted to mp3 and burned a disc my truck will play. Like your stuff Mike. Good luck to you and Merry Christmas! Screw the happy holidays :)

Scott A. Crow

December 9, 2007

Great Website! I wish you the best and hope for great success.

Tony..."aka" Ruff Rider

December 7, 2007

Hey HOWARD, love the music.
I love your imput on the overnight truckin show. It isn't the same without you. Best of luck....and I think you will be a BIG star before long........

White Panther

December 6, 2007

Cool site H. also cool looking CD gona check it out. White Panther


December 6, 2007

Hi Mike, how are you doing, we are doing ok. Keep up the good work, enjoy your music, Love Sissy


December 6, 2007

where is my cd