Welcome to " I love that line" Episode 1  

This is the first episode of "I love that Line". We talk about my new release and take some fan questions.   Enjoy and have a happy holiday!!

Black Friday Deals!!! 

Hey Friends,

Just a quick reminder that Tomorrow (Black Friday) You'll be able to pick up a HD .wav version of Folk Singer.  This will also includes My newest single "Did they leave the light on for you"


It will be here on the website here.


You can also get it on Band Camp as well.

The Streaming stuff will start on 12/18/2020.  Thanks for listening!!




The New Harold Mike Sizemore Record comes out 12/18/2020 



I'm excited to get this one out to the masses,  You can find the first single as a Lyric Video right here on Youtube.  It's called "Did they leave the light on for you"  I hope you enjoy it.   

I'm also releasing a Hight Def version of the album coming up on my Bandcamp page.  https://haroldmikesizemore.bandcamp.com/dashboard

and right here on the Website on Black Friday.  I hope you'll check it out and as always share it with a Friend.  


Happy Thanksgiving!!



That old Man N Me 

Finally after saying for a year or more that this album is coming out.  It finally gets released.  For my online friends you can check it out here   www.cdbaby.com/haroldmikesizemore

and for my CD loving friends you can check out the release party down at Wunderbar Oct 10.  check out the calendar dates for more details.


Thanks to all of my friends and family who were able to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign.  I thank you for all of your kindness and you CD's are on the way very soon.



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New album coming soon 



I know I've been saying it for a while.  However the mixing and mastering part is currently taking place and we shall see if that sets me up for the acoustic album, I've been waiting to make.  "That old man n me" is a labor of love dedicated to my dad.  I am hoping sometime after the wedding I get to release it.  


Thanks for reading my nonsense


Still working on it 



hope your 2013 has been good so far!  Been really busy writing new songs and getting ready to knock down rehearsals with nick Armstrong and some new members do the Hopple St.  Looking forward to doing that show at alleys on the river.  But also it was awesome to hear from Perry at pars for a show August 4th as well.  

Also we have reached number 5 on the Americana charts for cincy.  


Keep checking the website or 


reverbnation.com/Harold mike sizemore

twitter @hmsizem


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So I finally made a move for something different 

As my last post might have said I'm back in the music game after a good rest period.  Looking forward to this new project with Aaron Hedrick.  Come and see us as we set up shop at shady o'gradys on November 30th. 10 pm. 

Don't call it a comeback 

So it's been a long time since I did a blog or had time to do one.  

I wanted to get everyone's hopes up as I gear up to start working on album number two.  Got a few songs already written and also have a few already recorded, so we will see what we can get going on over the next little while.  





Sizemore Still gaining acceptance. 

Hey everyone,


January was tough but we are hanging!  Sizemore kicks off February 5th at Shady O' Grady's  while the 13th we head to Grand sands to play in the sand with some of our friends.  Then we have a week off until we make a first time appearance at Club 14 in Lawrenceburg Indiana.


Get out and check us out next month

See ya