Harold Mike Sizemore That old man n me press release 

Cincinnati, Ohio – Harold Mike Sizemore is thrilled to announce the release of his latest album, That Old Man N Me, available everywhere on October 10, 2014 That Old Man N Me is Harold Mike Sizemore’s tribute to his late father who passed away in 2009. It’s a follow up to his critical acclaimed debut “One of These Days” The new release is an Americana album that details the relationship between a boy and his father. The complications of growing up in the shadow of a larger than life father and a…

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Working on New Music 



It's seems like a long time since I updated my website.  This year has been busy.  Most of the year spent on the road working for the Man...   Yeah unfortunate I needed to do some things for my career while also wanting to spend more time with my wonderful family.   HOWEVER!   I have been a slave to the groove all of my life and there is no way I would ever abandon my love of music.  My goal in 2013 is to working diligently on a follow up to the critically acclaimed debut CD "One of These…

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Graphic Design 

Hey everybody, Just in case you are wondering who did this fabulous artwork. The great Sarah Standley is who is responsible for this fine design. So if your in the market for a new logo or design email her sarahastandley@yahoo.com.

Quick note 

This Thursday's gig (11/20) at Par's is closed due to the Bengals Steelers game is Thursday night. No biggie I spoke with Perry and he gave us Thrusday Night 12/18 so come out then and hang out and have a beer with us. Thanks HMS

New places are playing One of These Days 

New stations are adding songs from One of These days. Gator Broadcasting http://gatorbroadcasting.com while in Canada we just got added to CJMQ in Quebec. Please go to these stations and request some of your favorite Harold Mike Sizemore tunes


One of These days is #3 on their charts go here

Well here we come 

I want to thank everyone who is involved with the my music career as well as my radio items as well. We are going to record a new record in 2007 so look forward to it