Working on New Music



It's seems like a long time since I updated my website.  This year has been busy.  Most of the year spent on the road working for the Man...   Yeah unfortunate I needed to do some things for my career while also wanting to spend more time with my wonderful family.   HOWEVER!   I have been a slave to the groove all of my life and there is no way I would ever abandon my love of music.  My goal in 2013 is to working diligently on a follow up to the critically acclaimed debut CD "One of These Days"  I will be venturing into some older material of mine on the next record including tunes from my old strange acquaintance days that just never got recorded.  (Some damn good stuff from those days if I do say so myself.)  Stay tuned and start burning a groove in One of These Days again and I'll be including demos for stuff on my site as well as soundcloud.  and by all means enjoy the holidays.



H. Mike Sizemore