From the recording Social Distance

I wrote this as a PSA to all the folks who are stuck inside during this rough time.


Social Distance

It’s only been a weekend
Since they closed the world down
But this cabin fever
is already hit town
You know That I love you
But it might be 8 weeks
Before we ever feel safe enough to sneeze

Maybe, we should practice social distance
I don’t think we should be in the same room
I’m not worried you’ll make me sick
But your voice is like an ice pick
Maybe we should practice social distance

It’s been all over TV
Which we watch day and night
We can’t even escape it
when we sleep at night
I’m feeling a little edgy
I’m feeling a little sick
And the TP on the roll
Ain’t look very thick


This covid 19 ain’t no joke
And I ran out of weed to smoke
Maybe we should practice social distance