Welcome to my new blog and welcome to 2010

Hey everyone,


Welcome to my new Blog and welcome to 2010! I want to talk about what's going on and what's happening with me in the new decade.  


For most of you who know me 2009 was pretty tough.  The loss of my father Cloyd "Moose" Sizemore in November was a real nightmare.  and The loss of Great Uncle Marcus Collins in the beginning of 2010 has shaken me in a ton of ways.  

When I was younger I always named my guitars.  You might say it is a good luck charm.  So in honor of my dad I named the last guitar he ever bought me (my Telecaster) "Moose".  Sarah being the crafty one of our house she was able to stencil Moose on the guitar.   

In other news

Most of the stuff I have been planning this year is revolving around my new band "Sizemore",  with the help of My new bass player Bob Campbell and Drummer Jim Murphy,  I am getting some much needed prep in 2010.

Go to the calendar page and check us out.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Until we meet on the road 

Thanks for your continued support 

Harold Mike Sizemore 


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